Day 6


It’s the weekend and I do a weird hybrid day off. I just got back from a bike ride and will wait an hour before I eat, but the rest of the day if free eating day. I’ve been saving up. I want Buffalo Wings, Dr. Pepper, and M&Ms.

I was reading in the success journal and wanted to share a couple of quotes I highlighted.

“And I learned to love the process of becoming fit:..”
“… success is in the everyday accomplishments needed to achieve extraordinary results over time.”
– Carolyn Pagnato Day 6

Process is where you build your success. Its one of the reasons my goals have to do with things I’m doing, not outcomes I want. I’m working out 72 times. That I can control. If I make a mistake in my workout plan and 5 of those workouts don’t use as many calories as I need to reach some fat loss goal, I can still accomplish my goal.

“For me, the key was changing my thinking habits.”
Carolyn Culverhouse Day 4

Do you think having the name Carolyn is an advantage in BFL? šŸ™‚

I often find the women’s BFL pictures and stories more interesting and inspiring than the guys. Guess I expect guys to lose fat and gain muscle. But women’s transformations are amazing. And Culverhouse’s is one of the most. I wish I could find a link to the picture in the Success Journal, because it has 4 pictures instead of just the two where she won. She lost 80 lbs of fat in 36 weeks. 16 inches in her waist. Went from a size 20 to a 4. And she’s 51. Of course losing the weight made her go from looking like a fat 60 year old grandmother, to a fairly hot 30 something chick.

Her quote was something I pointed out to Suanna, because I thing the mind game is one of the hardest to win. And the one most likely to make you fail in the contest of losing weight. You have to change your self image/identity. You have to think of yourself as a person that works out and eats right. I could go on about the mind game, but this post is getting a little long.