Gillian Anderson

I think the blog needs some babes. I happen to have a number of pictures of beautiful women I’ve collected and I’m going to start adding them to messages. This is taking an idea from inluminent, which I read on a daily basis even though its content is only periodically useful to me. But the babes are cool. He’s a marketing expert and says they are a great way to get people to keep reading his blog.

A lot of my pictures come from the SuperiorPics website. Though the first one doesn’t. I use these pictures for my .Mac slide show. So if you are interested a slide show and you are using MacOS X, you can subscribe to it as a screen effect(saver). [My .Mac screen name is rondavis1].

I also find these pictures fascinating in a number of ways. It interests me how a particular woman can look so different in different pictures. Carmen Diaz’s pictures where she’s a blonde and a brunette. And some of the silly things things they do for these pictures. Or the thought, “Do they wear this stuff in public?”. [Links to specific pictures on superior pics doesn’t seem to work so I removed them.] And other weird thought. I’ll comment on the pictures as I post them.

My first picture is of Gillian Anderson. The interesting thing about it is of course she looks sexy. Which goes to show a woman’s back is as sexy as her front. The thong adds an interesting bit of spice, of course. Also this is a paparazzi picture and not a posed photo shoot, but the pose is perfect.


  1. jo says:

    that’s stupid first thing that girl needs a new face and she is a slut with her thong hanging out i really dont understand what you mean but call me 555-5555

  2. vance says:

    what rubbish. GA is the FINEST FINEST lady on the planet. I’d cut off anybody part to have an hour with her!!!

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