Day 5


Got up this morning as goaled at 6:45 AM. Started working out at 6:55 and finished Upper Body at 8:16. Suanna worked out with me till 8 when she had to go. This work out is taking too long.

I know it is the switching between two people that is making it long. Guess I’ll just have to live with it. I really don’t want to move an exercise but I may have to. I think last challenge I moved back to lower body. That might work.

Also found I’m stronger in the morning. Remember on Monday I had to do bicepts in the evening. Will I did exactly the same wieght this morning and it was easier. Since I’m still sore from Monday, this indicates to me I haven’t gotten stronger in three days.

BTW: I’m very sore from lower body today. Getting up and sitting down are painful. I’m going to write some tips for people doing BFL for the first time on a weekly basis this weekend.