Day 3


Had a set back this morning. Missed my first lower body workout.

Official excuses:

– It was raining and the bed felt too good.

– My back is really hurting. I pulled something yesterday morning and its been killing me ever since. If it isn’t better by tonight I’m going to the Chiropractor tomorrow.

– Real low energy. Suanna and I both are feeling sickly. Don’t know if it related to starting BFL or what.

Now those are excuses. I’m still going to try and do my work out this evening. Should be able to do lower body with some back pain ( I know that sounds bad ).

Am eating clean though. For breakfast had an egg burrito, but didn’t have the appitie to finish it. An hour later I was starving. So I at meal 2, which was shrimp. Needed a carb to go with it so I ate a handful of popcorn. Not the best carb, but better than none.