Canadian Perspective


I found this a very interesting read. I’m planning to go to Vegas with a buddy in – hopefully – the near future. Looking for something novel to do, other than the typical male activities of Las Vegas, I remembered reading somewhere you could get gun training and shoot a machine gun. Put “Las Vegas Machine Gun” in Google and got this story.

I used to work with Canadians and they really don’t understand American’s “love” of guns, so this was an especially interesting article.

Makes you wonder if there is some deep psychological problem with people who want to own guns – like the anti-gun groups think – or if it just a cultural hobby. There is also the more libertarian idea I personally subscribe to which is “Why shouldn’t I be able to own a gun?” As long as I only use it in legal ways, why should the government or my fellow citizens have the power to take it away? Because it is dangerous? My circular saw is more dangerous than my Walther.

I think the anti-gun believers think “Guns are used for bad things. Therefore we need to get rid of all of them.” The way they go about doing that is primarily legislatively, though there is social pressure as well. There are groups of people who would shun a life long friend for owning a gun. To me the problem with this logic is it just doesn’t work. Guns are just tools and it is the person behind the gun that uses them for good or evil.

Of course this is one of those issues that is ultimately decided by underlying personal beliefs and logic layered on top of that. People don’t like guns and they build logical arguments on top of that. Some people like guns and build logical arguments on top of that. Problem when these people argue is they are logical on both sides until they hit a level where neither side can change the other. This happens in a lot of – if not most – political arguments.