Day 1


Been gone for a number of days to my family home in Springdale Arkansas. Ate a lot of turkey and a bunch of crappy food. I must have eaten 20 zingers. And I felt like crap afterwards. Fell a sleep everyday around 1 for about an hour.

This made me finally reach my health threshold. I feel like crap and I look like crap. Its time to do something about it. So today I start a new Body For Life challenge/12 week program.

I did BFL this summer for about 19 weeks. That’s one complete challenge and 7 extra weeks. And it worked, but I quit doing it eventually. Let me give you a little data on what I mean by it worked.

On March 3 I weighted 207.6 lbs. According to my body fat scale I had a body fat of 31.2%. That’s 64 lbs of fat. I finished my first 12 weeks May 25th, weighting 193.8 lbs with a BF of 25.3%. That’s 49 lbs of fat, down 15.74 lbs. Not bad. Waist went from 41.25 inches to 35 inches.

I took a week off and started a second challenge Jun 24. Weight 190.2 BF 20%. Changed to using the athlete mode on my scale here. Lowest weight recorded was 186.6 with BF of 18.6%. Down 4 pounds of fat. With a 34 inch waist.

Now on December 2, I weight 196.0, with a BF of 26%(normal) or 20.7(athlete), and a 37 inch waist.

My goal this time is to get my waist down under 34 inches and my weight down under 180. The weight goal isn’t the best because the scale lies. I could gain 10 pounds of muscle and lose 15 pounds of fat and get my 34 inch waist and look good, but not have a scale weight. But I really don’t want to make a BF goal just yet. But since I also want to see my abs I need to get down to the 9% range.

I bought the new BFL Success Journal by Bill Phillips, because I’m already pretty anal about keeping records, and this make it easy.

Did my first upper body workout this morning. I work out with Suanna, my wife (who did BFL with me and kept it up after I quit, she’s lost 45+ lbs and 8 inches in her waist) and that takes longer. Upper body is the longest because it has 5 exercises for a total of 60 reps. I got up at 7 am, but didn’t have time to finish. I have to do biceps tonight before bed. This isn’t best, but it will work. I’ll have to get up earlier on Friday.