Why the Deomcrats lost


Couldn’t stay out of politics. Reading new blogs did it too me.

I think in America winning an election is less “getting people to vote for you” and more “getting your people to vote”. And the Republican’s voted. Democrats didn’t. It like the whole country is so lazy that it takes a major pissing off or worry to get people out to vote.

The Democrats pushed issues that didn’t really worry their people, and didn’t piss them off. But these pushes did piss off Republicans. As did other things, like Wellstone’s funeral, and the NJ bait and switch. I remember thinking those things bothered me, but I couldn’t do anything about them because I didn’t live in NJ or Minnesota (Thank God). But they did motivate me to make sure I voted. And apparently they motivated lots of people to vote. Lots of Republicans. Democrats were embarrassed and just didn’t care enough to get out and vote.

And people were worried about terrorism. The Democrats didn’t ever come off as doing anything about it and just getting in the way. Bush was doing something. So people who were worried voted and voted Republican.