53 Things I Believe At 53

Written on the occasion of my birthday.
  1. It is possible I’m wrong.
  2. Tragedy is not evenly distributed.
  3. What you believe matters.
  4. Perception is not reality. Just because you think something is true doesn’t make it true.
  5. Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
  6. There are a lot of things worse than death.
  7. Ask good and interesting questions.
  8. Commitment is important.
  9. Happiness isn’t the point.
  10. Micro and macro living.
  11. Only worry about the things you can influence.
  12. Action is real truth.
  13. Only God can change people’s hearts.
  14. Get to the point.
  15. If you want to influence people, you have to change your behavior.
  16. Implementing is more important than an idea.
  17. Smooth is fast. Slow is smooth.
  18. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.
  19. Firing people is very painful.
  20. I hate the phrase “my truth”.
  21. Most problems attributed to millennials are a function of age not generation.
  22. You don’t have to go through the devil to get to God.
  23. Christians focus too much on the wrong parts of Christianity and not the truly hard stuff in the sermon on the mount.
  24. Grown women wear high heels when dressed up.
  25. If you don’t think you can do something, you probably won’t.
  26. You can learn to do anything someone else with similar physical abilities has.
  27. Focus is the most important thing.
  28. How to do deep work.
  29. People are no more or less moral today than in the past.
  30. Older people are generally less up tight about sex than younger people.
  31. Sometimes you believe something based on too small a sample. Or a sample from only one group/context.
  32. Laws don’t stop crime.
  33. The government generally makes things worse.
  34. Very few of the things we fear are a valid fear of violence.
  35. Humans are addicted to drama.
  36. This too shall pass. (Especially related to politics and elections)
  37. Manifesting may be bullshit, but you very often get what you focus on.
  38. Most of my beliefs are based on my experience. Other people with other experiences may believe differently, and they may be right.
  39. The more varied experiences you have the better your beliefs.
  40. All things are not equal. Wisdom is knowing the relative values.
  41. You are probably only getting one side of the story. (Especially in other people’s break-ups)
  42. Being warm – not hot, not cold – is the core of feeling good.
  43. Often we like things because we are used to them.
  44. Humans can adapt to anything.
  45. Try things.
  46. Do it. Don’t plan to do it.
  47. Sometimes it is OK to quit.
  48. People redefine their history when something goes wrong. (Ex: At divorce they say they never loved the other person.)
  49. Taking responsibility puts you in control. Denying it means you can’t do anything about it.
  50. Age is more than a number, but getting old sucks.
  51. There is a difference between health and fitness. One takes work, the other vigilance.
  52. Bad things generally don’t get better if you ignore them.
  53. Sometimes I’m brilliant. Sometimes I’m a dumbass. The trick is figuring out which is which.


Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash