Day 1: Abilene to Dallas


We don’t trust the Abilene airport. That’s why we aren’t flying out of there. Instead our flight starts at the DFW airport. Our original plan was to have a friend or relative drive us to Dallas, but that didn’t work out. We didn’t want to leave a car in Dallas for 3 months, so we rented one from Avis in Abilene. We picked Avis because they were the only ones who didn’t want to charge us for returning the car at DFW.


Day 1 was just like Day 2 and 3 in one way. We spent hours sitting on our butts traveling. In this case driving from Abilene to Dallas. I was a good trip. I listened to Patrick Rothfus’ “The Wise Man’s Fear” and it felt just like any other trip to Ft Worth.

We’re here a day early as well. Our flight doesn’t leave until 13:00 tomorrow, so we could have waited and driven in that same morning. Instead we came down a day early. This let us take our time doing the final clean up of the house, and it gave us some time in the big city to shop and what not.


The hotel I’m writing this from isn’t far from the Irving hotel we normally stay in when we come to DFW cons. It isn’t as nice either, and the parking lot is packed. But it’s a lot cheaper. We need to get used to small anyway. Everything in UK is small and packed together. Oh and the wifi is slow and a little flakey.


We’ve been to this neck of the woods enough times to know where our favorite restaurants are and can get there without GPS. But we tried somewhere new. We actually walked to a couple of restaurants and looked at their menus before picking the Terra Mediterranean Grill. We had hummus that had a really cool presentation. Both of us ordered the Gyro expecting a “sandwich”, but instead got a huge plate of meat, rice, and yogurt sauce.

Over dinner I also discovered a really funny, really great Yelp reviewer in Edinburgh, Sara “what’s new pussycat” C. I’ll be reading more of her stuff when looking for places to go in our Scottish home away from home. Which also bring up a cool idea I had.

Activity: Shopping

We went to Target to get travel pillows and I thought I should get a flag to take with me as a gift or something. But I remembered what everyone’s been telling us since we started planning this trip, “You’re a Texan, not an American. They hate American’s but love Texans.” So I bought a Texas flag to take and I hope to trade someone for a Scottish flag.

I also decided to find some toy mascots to travel with and be the subject of pictures. We went to ToysRUs and they were having a big clearance sale, so I now have a few taggers on.

Oh and a tribble. It was on sale, and it not only vibrates when you pick it up, it purrs too.

Geo Caching

We also went GeoCaching and found 2 out of 3.

Well I guess that’s it for today. Big travel day tomorrow, and the next time I sleep it will be in Europe.