Time To Move


I’ve decided its time to really move to Abilene.

For the past seven and a half months I’ve lived in Houston and been in Abilene when I needed to be. Mostly I’ve needed to be here because I’ve had paramedic school. Classes last semester, and clinicals and class this semester.

Clinicals finished last week. My last final and oral boards are on Friday. It’s time to really move.

There are things I need to be in Houston for. PALS February 28-29. National Registry Paramedic Skills testing April 21, with practice labs the week before. But mostly I’ll be in Abilene after Spring Break.

It’s a bitter sweet thing, like finishing my clincials was. I’m ready to be where my heart – aka the Mrs – is, but there are a lot of opportunities here in Houston that I’m leaving behind. And a lot of friends.

I won’t have Houston Skyline Studio and Bob, Jerry and John to do photography with. Shawna and I will be even more challenged getting the Photographer and Model podcast done.

I won’t be working with the guys from In The Rabbit Hole, or hanging out with them at Tea on Thursday nights.

Won’t be able to volunteer and work with all my compatriots at Harris County Emergency Corp. And school will be over and I won’t have a reason to be with all my classmates and teachers at Lone Star North Harris.

When we decided to go to Abilene I said to myself, “Sometimes you need to turn your life upside down just to see how it changes.” Now it is really happening. It’s scary, exciting, weird, sad, and a whole bunch of other things I can’t put into words.

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  1. Boyd says:

    I have a bit of an idea of how you’re feeling. I moved back to Texas last year after being away for an entire Navy career plus about 15 years. Grew up in your new neck of the woods (Brownwood), but it felt like Austin would be the sweet spot for me (other than the politics, but I suppose I need something to get my blood pumping every once in a while).

    Anyway, I had my share of those indescribable feelings last year. I hope you don’t find them too overwhelming (I’m sure you won’t).

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