River Song’s Steampunk Sonic Screwdriver

River Song's Sonic Screwdriver
River Song's Sonic Screwdriver
Discovered Netflix instant now has the new Dr Who last night and was scrolling through episodes wondering what to watch. Hit the Silence in the Library and thought “Wouldn’t it be cool to rewatch the episode where the Dr first meets River Song, knowing what I know now about her?”

Yes it was. I still wonder, did they know then?

It is a two part episode and at the end of Forest of the Dead, the Doctor set down River’s Sonic Screwdriver on her book and there is a long slow zoom in. Of late I’ve been mildly obsesses with Steampunk and looking at her screwdriver close up thought, “Wow, that looks steampunk!”

Click the image on this post for a larger look and see if you don’t agree.

Couple of geek notes.

There’s some continuity errors between the close ups and the 2 shots with the Doctor and the Screwdriver here.

I’m not sure the close up in his hand is the same screwdriver. There is a loop on the one on the book, but it seems to disappear in all the other shots. Could be he’s holding it where you can’t see it, but I’m not sure.


  1. TBH says:

    The loop must be on the other side.

  2. TBH says:

    And thanks for the close-up, I needed a reference.

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