Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-30

  • Just an FYI but triage is cute tonight. (@ Houston Northwest Medical Center) #
  • All of geekdom wrapped up in one chart. #
  • Awesome kitchen timer. #
  • The 3 other medics on my shift tonight have just read and passed around 2 Kelly posts. Blogger save and Sex & Cardiac conduction. #
  • Where Batman shoots. (@ Houston Skyline Studio) [pic]: #
  • I just ousted Bunny as the mayor of Frankel's Costume Co, Inc. on @foursquare! #
  • I need steampunk accessories. (@ Frankel's Costume Co, Inc.) [pic]: #
  • One of the things I haven't done today is eat. What better place. (@ Chuy's) [pic]: #
  • Last night I spent >2 hours watching Make magazine's videos on YouTube. Today, when I encountered a broken window blind I tried to fix it. #
  • Recorded a new episode of Newbie and now I'm off to to Tea #
  • Campus is pretty empty on Fridays. (@ Lone Star College – North Harris w/ 2 others) [pic]: #
  • Just as a head's up. We recorded the next episode of Newbie and answer lots of listener questions.

    And I did a… #

  • Shift 7 begins (@ M91) #
  • Walk in to my shift and we are toned out to a MVc with roll over. #
  • They're having computer issues today, makes triage sloooowww. (@ Ben Taub Emergency Room) [pic]: #
  • Dos barbacoa. (@ El Grand Taco) [pic]: #
  • Apparently the victorians were into big boo-tays. As proof, I give you the bustle. #
  • Posting for Creek. #
  • At costume con. Bat mobile (@ George R. Brown Convention Center w/ 5 others) [pic]: #
  • Trade shows should provide free wifi and track what websites people are going to and then sell that demographic info to exhibitors. #
  • I hope the Leg Avenue models/dancers aren't locals. It would be a little embarrassing. #
  • I take it back the models were fun. Much better than in rehearsal. #

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