The Plan was….Part 1


If you are my friend on Facebook you probably know how crazy my life has been, but I wanted to recap for this woefully neglected blog.

My wife accepted a position as a Assistant Professor of English at Abilene Christian University in Abilene Texas. I’m still in Paramedic school here in Houston, and I want to finish. So we will be living apart for awhile. We bought a house in Abilene and she moved up there permanently the beginning of August.

The Plan was I’d stay here, keep working my computer job, go to paramedic school at night and keep the house until I finished.

Then the night class at my paramedic school didn’t make, so to keep going, I have to go during the day. No big deal, its only two days a week, and my boss has been flexible.

The Plan was, go to school, work part time at the computer job.

Well the boss had just hired back another programmer and said, “Frankly I’d rather just cut my expenses.”

No problem, I’m an EMT-I. EMT-I’s can get a 911 job. Plus the service I volunteer for is looking for people. I’ll just apply there and get an EMS job, it will look good on an EMS resume.

The Plan was get an EMS job, work a couple of days at that a week, and a couple of days a week with school.

Did the interview. Blew my intubation skill. Probably other stuff, but they don’t tell you. They don’t even tell you no, they just don’t call and you figure it out when your classmates get hired.

OK, two houses and one income that is 50% less doesn’t sound good. Time to put the house on the market.

The Plan was interview some Realtors, repaint the house, put it on the market. Sell house in Kingwood.

This plan kind of worked. We did paint the house, resod the backyard, interviewed realtors, hired a top performer in the area…..and she had more stuff to get done. Now refinish the wood floors.

And did I mention I’m in Cardiology this whole time? Trying to finish out my time in the computer job – full time during the day. Go to class 4 hours two nights a week. Get the house ready because I need to go out of town at the end of August.

The Plan was….well at this point I’ve given up on plans and am just trying to stay on top of my todo list.

But now the house is on the market. I passed Cardiology with a B and was happy to be able to get it. My job is now gone.

Also during this time my youngest son was getting ready to go off to college. So after my Cardilogy final, and my last day at work, we took him to school and moved him into his dorm. He and I go to the desk in the dorm and there is a red sheet for him that says he can’t move in till he fixes something with financial aid. Turns out they thought he wanted a loan, he thought he’d rejected. An easy fix.

Walking back to his dorm – which incidentally was the same dorm I lived in my first year at ACU – he says, “I thought I’d handled everything Dad. The plan was it would be all done and we just move in no problem.”

The Plan was……

“Son, no Plan survives contact with the enemy.”

Stay tunes for how great the Plan for my two week vacation went…..

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