P90x: Bonking All Week


I’m at the end of week 3 of P90x. I’ll be on a “rest” week next week with no strength training.

And, boy, do I feel like I need it.

My energy is in the toliet. I’ve done worse getting through workouts all week. It isn’t that my muscles are tired, it is that I just can’t keep going. My heart races and I’m just worn out. This may be “bonking”, which the P90x diet guide says is a result of too few carbs.

I’m not using the exact P90x diet. I’m using Livestrong.com’s My Daily Plate to track everything I eat and keep my net calories per day under 1800. Both P90x and Livestrong add calories you can eat for all the calories you burn with a given workout. So in general I’m over 2000 total calories.

I’m not particularly low carb, most day’s it is a balance between the three macro nutrients. But 1800 may just not be enough for my body. So I’m adding 200 and will see what effect that has.