P90x Day 5: Legs and Back


I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t willing to puke and that’s what was going to happen about half way through it. So I just skipped over the rest and went to the cool down.

Then I went back to bed.

Going Back To Bed

One thing about working out is you have to find your own way of doing things that works for your body. When I was training for the Marathon I found I loved to run at 2 AM and then go back to bed. I’d run from 2-4AM and then go back to bed. Worked well for me. I’m sure experts would say that was a bad idea to workout and then lay down, that I’d be super sore, but it worked and felt fine after I woke up.

I’ve been very tired the last few days working out in the morning, but getting up a little earlier and going back to bed for almost an hour today seems to have really helped.

The P90x Workout Sheets for Legs and Back Are Incomplete

They only list the pull ups that you will do, but there must be 30 leg only exercises that you do. These aren’t listed. I wrote my results in the spaces under where the pull up are listed.

And the blonde omnisexual acrobat Dreya Weber was great eye candy. Of course she’s so ridiculously fit she’d tear me up, but it was nice to have her to look at during my pain. 🙂