Davis New Year Tradition

It is probably too strong to say this is a tradition. It’s more like a lightly held belief. We say that what you are doing as the new year comes in foreshadows the new year. So we try to do something significant at that time.

Last year I don’t know what our plans were, but shorty after midnight we were on the way to the hospital because my father in law had a stroke. That had a huge impact on out lives, this year, but I’m not sure exactly if it was a foreshadowing.

Other years we’ve been praying shortly after midnight. Had sex as the clock stroked 12. Spent the time with friends, and just slept through it.

Today’s idea was to go to a party at a friends house and I planned to wear a kilt. We’d get to meet new people and I could be exuberant.

Instead Suanna got home from her conference suffering from vertigo to the point of sever nausea. So no party for us.

But I’ve got a new idea. I think I’m going on a run. I’ll bring in the new year, 30 minutes into a run. I like running at night and the weather is taking a turn for the warmer.

What this will mean for the rest of the year, I don’t know. But it is doing something. Overcoming a setback and doing something else.