Twitter Is Ephemeral, Blogs Are Forever


One thing I’ve learned recently is that twitter traffic and twitter tweets are transitory. I heard recently that all your tweets go away after 2 weeks on twitter itself. I haven’t checked that, but the fact is no one cares about your tweets after about a day. And the search engines sure don’t care.

But I like to be able to search back through my online postings. Just the other day I wondered where something was I had tweeted. But I couldn’t find it doing a twitter search. In the past I would have posted such stuff and then I could have search back through my blog and found it.

So now I’m going to do the best of both worlds. I’ve installed a WordPress Plugin that will post all of my tweets to the blog on a daily basis. I realize this will ugly up the blog, but it will provide real content to look at as well.

If I can I’ll figure out a way to hide these kind of blog posts from the front page, but I don’t have a way right now.