Twitter Updates for 2009-11-10

  • I just realized I have another weekend to prepare for my pinup workshop and another weekend to work on the Academy. #
  • Tiffany On Sofa #
  • @jasonvo Not enough memory. Too slow a processor. Wrong settings on the importer. in reply to jasonvo #
  • Gisele Bunchen in a Water Dress #
  • Can Ms USA? Ms UK can: 22 yr old was awarded a medal of bravery for disarming an insurgent while on a tour of Iraq at 18 #
  • Anyone know of a WordPress plugin that takes your tweets and puts them into a blog post? Maybe once a day? #
  • @JonWarren Thanks, that was exactly what I needed. in reply to JonWarren #
  • Rendering more video. Last in the series. #

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