4 Aspects of Sexiness

Skin, Fit, Access and Heels
Skin, Access, Fit and Heels
There are 4 things that make an outfit sexy. Maybe these are obvious, but I find a lot of women have no idea how to be sexy. They often have no clue about what makes an outfit sexy verses pretty, which are not related.

#1 Skin

This one seems the most obvious, but still needs to be addressed. The more skin your outfit reveals the sexier it is. There is a limit to this. 100% nudity probably isn’t as sexy as 90%. Also for most people you probably want to cover flaws.

But as a general rule, the more skin you show the sexier your outfit is.

#2 Access

Why is a mini-skirt way more sexy than a pair of short shorts?

Because a mini-skirt promises access to even more skin in a way shorts don’t.

A crop top that hangs from the breasts, away from the body, is sexier than one that clings tightly to the breasts and belly.


Again a promise of access. It gives the idea you could slide a hand up under it and adds to the sexiness.

Even fake access ads sexiness. For instance a skort is really shorts, but looks like a skirt. A wrap of fabric over a bikini bottom, looks like a skirt, even though you know it covers a bikini bottom that prevents access.

#3 Clothing Fit

I was going to say tightness adds to sexiness, but I realized that fit is a better way to put it. Yes, a form fitting outfit – assuming you have an attractive form under it – is sexy. But even a non-clinging outfit that fits properly is better than a baggy ill fitting one.

In general the tighter an outfit is the sexier it is. Tight jeans are sexier than loose ones. A tight sweater is sexier than a loose one.

The biggest counter example to this is the lose man’s t-shirt, which is the staple of many women and is totally unsexy. Wear a top cut for a woman and that fits flatteringly to your frame.

#4 Heels

High heels are the salt of fashion, they increase all of the other flavors in the recipe. High heels make any outfit sexier. By high I mean over 3″.

You can be wearing baggy jeans, a loose T-shirt and 4″ heels and your sexiness will be increased.

Why do I make my models wear heels when I’m not even shooting their feet? Because it make them stand different. Heels tighten muscles from calves to neck. And they make your feet look smaller.

They also make you move differently and in a way that makes you sexier to men. Don’t ask me why.

A common misconception is since they make you taller, you are more attractive. I don’t actually think this is true. Most men don’t care how tall you are up to a point, and then it is a problem. 5′ 2″ vs 5′ 6″? Men don’t care. 5′ 8″ to 6′? Now most guys are looking up at you and generally don’t like that.

Now that you know the building blocks of a sexy outfit, there are a couple of caveats.


While I’ve told you what makes an outfit sexy, I’m not telling you to use all four all of the time. You should use the different aspects appropriate to where you are going, and what outcome you want.

If you are going out to a club, use all four. If you are going to work, wear something that fits and heels if you are able. Adding a little sexiness to a professional outfit makes you more attractive, without looking like you are trolling for sex. 🙂 Being more attractive will help you in business.

If your outcome for any event includes meeting men, then you need to add some aspect of sexiness to attract attention. “But I don’t want a man who’s attracted to me because I’m sexy. I want him to be attracted to me for my mind.” Then you better not be passive, because men are unlikely to approach you without some physical attraction.

Pretty Vs. Sexy

When I said lots of women didn’t know how to be sexy, I remembered a story about a woman who didn’t know how to be pretty without being sexy. A friend used to be a parole officer and she had a client who had a court date. She told her to dress nice, and the girl showed up dressed like she was going out to a club, because that was the only definition of nice she knew.

I said an outfit can be sexy and not be pretty, there are plenty of outfits that never should have made it out the door, but that a guy will still think are hot. On the other hand there a beautiful dresses that men will admire, but not be attracted to. You are best off striking the correct balance between the two.

Ron is the photographer behind Photographer and Model, the Model photography website.

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  1. Interesting points. I think you’re especially right about the height and the heels thing.

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