Can Your Personality Change?


When I first heard of the Myers Briggs personality test over a decade ago, I was told you never changed. If you did there was something wrong. The only cases they knew of were people who joined a cult where everyone needed the same personality type.

Well I must have joined a cult.

I retook the Myers Briggs today and found I’ve changed from an INTJ to and ESTJ.

The biggest change to me was the Introvert to Extrovert. Being an introvert has been part of my personality for so long I’m shocked it has changed.

I blame The Game.

I wrote before about the book The Game, and how I wasn’t really into picking up women but I learned a lot from it. I hadn’t realized just how much it had changed me. And remember, the Game doesn’t teach you pickup. It is about the pickup community and living inside it, but it opened a world of possibilities to me. I’ve been learning “pickup” ever since.

It showed me you could learn how to “work the room” as I now call it. I’ve now done it enough I no longer fear opening – approaching strangers and starting a conversation. Matter of fact I don’t consider going out any fun if I’m not opening. It gives me something to do.

Last Saturday I went to a Meet and Greet for models and photographers at a local night club. I took two buddys with me and I don’t think they talked to anyone but a waitress. I talked to every model and wanna be model there, as well as most of the photographers, and the bar staff.

Gosh, maybe I have become an extrovert.