End Of The Year Post

My friend Stephanie did these questions and they are a pretty good outline for an end of the year post. I think the answer to #36 is the most important.

We’re Still Like Newlyweds

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty years ago today the Mrs and I walked down the aisle. A week or so ago I said to my wife we were still like newlyweds. Why?

Valerie Whitaker & My AR-15

I bought a day after Barak Obama was elected president from Talon Arms and named it after Barak. I mentioned this in the past, but hadn’t posted any pictures. Well now I will. I was scheduled the Sunday after I bought it shoot with nude model Valerie Whitaker, so I asked if I could bring…

FrontSight Member Now

Well I finally did it. I joined FrontSight as a Legacy member. If you look at their website that is a $9,900 membership, but I got a direct mail piece that let me get it for $1,900. I’ve been considering becoming a member since Feb 2007 when the Mrs and I went for the 4…