OMTL Day 13: Sandpaper

Yesterday was dealing with conflict, today is dealing with people who rub you the wrong way. Sandpaper, get it?

Who are the sandpaper people in your life presently? How do you usually relate to them?

The people who can most easily yank my chain are my eldest and my boss. I kind of always assume the worst about whatever they are saying to me. This makes me the sandpaper in the relationship, I’m just feeling the grit.

Which tool best describes the way you sometimes come across to those around you?

I’d have to think I’m a measuring tape, the kind of person who always lets you know that you don’t quite measure up. Boy, that is sad to have to write down. I’m not that way all the time, and I do a pretty good job of not saying those things when I think them. Lord, help me to change on the inside and stop measuring people against my own insecurities.