Beauty and Brains Shoot


Saturday we did the first shoot for Beauty and Brains. I was pretty intimidated beforehand.

On Monday I had 7 models who’d said yes. On Friday I had 3.

I went to pick up the gear and it was really cool. Very professional, and way beyond me. Intimidated again.

While picking up the gear I did get a call from a model I thought was out and she was back in. So that gave me my 4 minimum I wanted.

On the way to the studio from the gear place I called one of my partners to let him know I was going to be leaving gear set up. Turned out to be a good thing because he gave me a pep talk I really needed. He told me I was an artist, because I came up with concepts and I did them. That was the mindset of an artist. Even if they don’t work, you are coming up with stuff and taking the risk and doing it. I needed to hear that. And this is my partner who has a long history in fine art photography including gallery shows. So I take his word seriously when were talking art. So I guess I really am an artist.

I was still nervous that I would do something wrong with all the variables of filmmaking, but at least I was going to do it.

Got everything set up on Friday night. Learned the difference between a studio and a soundstage. A soundstage is sound proof. My studio is not. Or next door neighbors make public art, which means they run saws and vacuums. That sound, along with the books on tape they listen to, come right through the wall. The shotgun mic was pretty good at getting rid off the sound, but not perfect.

The shoot itself went well. The cameras worked well, the lighting was good. The girls were great. Pretty and articulate, just what I wanted.

I wanted to talk to one of them, who is a martial artist about my idea of making kung fu movies and maybe she could help me find martial artist if I needed them. Turns out she’s already started a production company to just do that with her martial arts friends. So we’ll probably be doing something in the future. I also might use her in my Video caper short film if I decide to do it before Shelli, whom it was written for, has her baby.

I’m right now importing the video. Its a real time thing, which means I have about 4 hours ahead of me, but the footage looks good. Sound is kind of low, but I think I can fix it. Is taxing my Quad Core MacPro. The fan has been running full blast for the last 10 minutes of capture. I think I’m going to move the box more into the open after this capture.

You can’t use the computer while it is capturing, so I’m blogging on my laptop.

Interesting note about FinalCut Express. The place I rented from, Microsearch, wanted to rent me a Panasonic HVX-2000