OMTL Day 11: Everest


How satisfied are you with the state of your most important relationships right now?

I’m pretty happy with my relationships right now. I’m doing excellent with the Mrs. Well with the boys. Good at work. Having a bit of a rough patch with some of my photography colleagues. Actually they don’t have a problem with me, just with each other. Things are good.

Which of these three mountains – misunderstandings, “me first” or mistakes – has derailed your key relationships most recently? How did you handle the situation? What would you do differently if you could?

I think misunderstandings causes me the biggest problems. I have a tendency to jump to conclusions or to interpret things wrong. I generally end up asking forgiveness. But it would be better if I asked for clarification first.

How do you communicate your commitment to those you love? Do you tend to tell more than you show or show more than you tell? Determine which style you favor and practice the other today with those you love most.

Read this this morning and thought it was pretty good. I’m not big on telling. So I’m trying to tell more today. I told my son I love him this morning on my way out. I don’t tell them that enough, though I try to show them.