OMTL Day 6: Monkey Bars


I read my reading this morning but didn’t get around to blogging it till now. Just got back from going to the Emerge service – which I don’t think is all that different than the other services – this evening. Kay Warren spoke and she really made me think about what is significant.

What are you clinging to right now that you need to let go of in order to move forward in your life? What keeps you from trusting that God will catch you?

I’m not sure how to answer the first question. I don’t really feel there is much holding me back, only my lack of clarity. I think the second questions is answered my responsibilities. I don’t live in a vacuum. If I did, my life would be different. Not better honey, just different.

In which areas are you more likely to take a risk – personal, professional, relational, or spiritual? In which areas do you tend to play it safe? Why is it easier to take risks in some areas than others?

Its easiest in my personal life to take risks. I used to take professional risks often, and they worked out every time. Now I am totally secure in my job, and comfortable with boredom. I even don’t know what it means to take relational risks. Spiritual risks are something that comes in waves for me. There is a build up of focus, and then suddenly I am willing and aware of risks to take.

You know after 6 days of Live Passionately, I’m starting to think Pastor Kerry equates passion and risk. If you aren’t taking risks, you are being passionate. I’m not sure that is all there is. There is perseverance. There is sacrifice, which may not be related to risk.

I think the other questions, the Make It Last for Life questions, are a little more personal than I want to blog, right now.