OMTL Day 5: Oxygen Mask


Every chapter has quotes at the beginning and interestingly this one included the Airline Safety Announcement. That’s where the title comes from.

What’s the biggest physical challenge you face? What one step can you take today toward improving your physical health?

Getting truly motivated. Seems there are a lot of things I can do, too many things. Maybe that is what overwhelms me. Stop drinking full-sugar drinks. Do some kind of physical exertion each day. Actually I did that second one, with a walk at lunch.

How do you usually handle powerful emotions?

I kind of let them wash over me and stand very still and quite. For me powerful emotions don’t last, if I sit quietly for a few moments I’ll get myself back under control. So I’ll wait to keep from blowing up.

How would you rate your health in each of these four areas – spiritual, physical, emotional, relational – from one (terrible) to ten (fantastic)?

Spiritual – 7
Physical – 4
Emotional – 5
Relational – 4

I almost forgot to blog this. I sat down to do it first thing and ended up writing that treatise instead.