Villard Wheel


This is something you need to make a Perpetual Motion machine in Eve-Online. It is part of a mission that is 10 of 10 from your first agent in the Gellente part of space.

Problem is you can’t find a Villard Wheel.

After a little Googleing I found this post which answers the question.

The Villard Wheels do not and never will exist in the game. They are listed as the materials needed to BUILD the Tech I Perpetual motion device. You DO NOT NEED to build it. You need to use invention to upgrade the Blueprint to Tech II. Use the 2 civilian datacores and the Civilian Data Interface by dropping them into a station that supports invention.

You can find local stations by trying to invent the blueprint in any station and setting the range inside the process to ‘Current Region’ from the default setting ‘Current Blueprint’. The screen will then bring up a list of stations nearby and you can even look to see if they currently have slots free. Whatever you do, do not go to quote the job as it will make you have to re-log…unless of course the current station has invention facilities and you choose it.

Once you have researched the blueprint (100% success rate now with the new patch) the material to build will become 100 tritanium and the need for Villard Wheels disapears.

You may have to travel to find a place to do the invention.


  1. dan says:

    thank god for this. have been stuck thinking i’d fuck myself right over because I couldn’t find an invention station. what a wonderfully complex game.

  2. Davor Peic says:

    nice!! I was looking for this one 🙂 thanx!!!

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