Eve Online


I’m back and have a new time wasting addiction – Eve Online.

I saw it at MacWorld and it looked cool. There is an online game bouncing around in my head and this looked a lot like it. It is more of a strategy game like Civilization than an RPG like WOW. So I downloaded the software and started the 15 day trial.

It is very complicated which means you can do a lot, but takes a while to figure everything out. And a lot of it happens in real time, like skill building. If it take 4 hours to learn something, that’s 4 hours or real time. But you don’t have to be logged on to learn. So I find myself planning when I need to get back online so I can start a new skill.

It also does a good job of not making you do simple things other games make you walk through each time. For instance you can tell the game to dock at a station and it will warp you there and do you unsupervised.

There are a couple of things I’ve learned that would be good for other noobs so I’m going to make a couple of posts.