It Really is an Eating Plan


Some diet/self-help gurus tell you to call a diet an eating plan. They says diet has too many negative connotations. Like the fact the first three letters spell die.

I always thought this a little silly. I mean you are cutting foods you want either way. That’s what makes a diet hard, no matter what you call it.

Well Monday I started an eating plan. It actually isn’t a diet, because I can eat most anything I want.

As long as I cook it.

No eating out. No frozen dinner either. It has to be made from basic ingredients. Not necessarily scratch, but nothing that has been cooked already.

The big change and challenge for me is lunch. This means I have to bring my lunch to work and that is news. And it can’t be something frozen just to be heated in the microwave. So yesterday it was left over Paco Pibil. Today it is Asian Chicken Spaghetti, my own invention.

Saute some cubed chicken breasts in peanut oil with crushed chilli peppers.
Make whole wheat spaghetti.
Each of those go in separate containers and are take to work. Along with some raisins and a little container of peanut oil.

At lunch time, put a little water in the spaghetti and microwave for 1 minute. Microwave the chicken for 1.5 minutes.
Pour about 1 teaspoon of peanut oil on the spaghetti and mix to coat. Add chicken, raisins and sunflower kernel I have in my desk.

Quite taste, though I think it needs more chili peppers for some bite.