iPhone Portfolio….With Music

I was reading another Houston photographers blog this morning where she was talking about the iPhone. She, like I, thought the iPhone would be great to keep your portfolio on, so I commented. While commenting I came up with a concept so cool that I had to blog it.

The iPhone has a great screen and my pictures look really good on it. Apple being Apple, the photo display app is really slick and you can do a slide slow of your images, which is cool. The ability to have hundreds of images with you all the time is great, and a slide show is a really cool way to display them.

But the iPhone is also an iPod.

An iPod with a speaker.

So there is nothing to stop you from going to your iPod, finding a cool song, starting it, switch back to your photos and starting a slide show. Then you hand the iPhone to a potential client and boom, a music backed slide show. Everything is better with music.

Admittedly the speaker is a bit tinny. But if you wanted you could hand them the head phones instead.