Funny Wedding Announcements


Was let to the People of the Gun website and clicked on a few links under pictures. One was a gun toting redhead so I had to go there. Found this post with picture of wedding announcements where the names put together were funny.

Strangely I have no current photograph of me was a gun. I’ve shot Xavier – my new 45 XD – with one of my models, and I’ve got lots of images of my models with my Walther, but none of me with my gun. BTW, the Wlather is a very photogenic pistol. The XD is not.

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  1. Linoge says:

    Come on now… I did some half-assed attempt with a tripod and still posted it. Surely you can manage better with the same equipment ;).

    You are absolutely right about the Walther… I have always liked its styling, I just wish it came in larger calibers.

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