Houston Artistic Senior Photographer

I’m taking my photography in another direction. This doesn’t mean there won’t be pictures of pretty girls here any more, but I’m going to be doing more traditional photography, namely seniors and weddings.

But I won’t be your typical senior photographer, instead I’m going to shoot seniors just like I’d shoot models. I’m coining the term Artistic Senior Photographer. My stuff will be artistic and completely lack painted background and the foam letters for Senior 2007. I redid my website with a specialized pitch for seniors.

Remember when I posted about the trash the dress shoot and I said if I could shoot weddings like that, then I’d shoot weddings? Well that’s what I plan. My artistic wedding info page is still coming soon, but I plan on only doing weddings where I can be artistic.

And of course I’ll do any other kind of artistic portrait photography as well.

Feed back on the new site is also welcome. Still needs work and I need a better flash slide show, but I like it right now.

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  1. freddyboomboom says:

    I like the new look of the website.

    Plus, I think you’re probably hitting a good market with the older folks that don’t want to be seen as “old and frumpy”, but rather “old and fun!”

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