Pixie and Your Gear Does Matter


Shot these on Sunday. The model is Pixie. MUA: Kimberly Boenker. Lighting equipment: 2 Profoto heads.

They say your gear doesn’t matter. That if you are great photographer and you have a 110 spy pocket camera you’ll still produce great images. I don’t buy it. You gear dictates what you can and can’t do. For instance a point and shoot camera has a flash built into the front. So guess where you light’s coming from? You can’t change that.

Now having a Nikon D3 isn’t going to make you Anne Lebowitz. You can be bad no matter what you have. But you can’t be great with bad gear. If that were true the best photographers wouldn’t waste money on high end gear.

I say this because since last Wednesday I’ve had a Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR zoom lens. It is awesome. I’ve shot all kinds of things with it and it is crystal clear. The depth of field is incredible.

Also my Fuji S3 really really impressed me when I was shooting at church Sunday morning during service. I didn’t want to use a flash, so I just cranked it up to 1600 ISO. With the 2.8 VR I still got great results. There is some noise, but not near what I was expecting. I’ll post pictures of that later.

For now here’s Pixie. Shot across our studio with the 70-200. Lighting was a single Profoto head with their kit umbrella on her. Another strobe with a red gel on the concrete wall behind her.

I call this image Prayer.

Prayer: Pixie looking up to God