Been A Long Time


Came by the blog today and realized its been a very long time since I posted last. Lots of stuff has been happening that have conspired to keep me away.

I did a trash the dress shoot a couple of weeks ago. I’ll post images once I get the processing done.

My grandfather came home from rehab/hospital with hospice last week. For those of you who don’t know that means they’ve done all they can for him and they plan on him dying soon. He has liver cancer and hadn’t been eating in the hospital, so it looked like it could be days till the end. So we dropped everything here and made a trip up there last Thursday. He’s doing a lot better since he came home. I think he’s happier and will stick around for awhile. Though not a long while.

If there is anyone I know who is living an eternal kind of life it’s Pappa Wiley. I kind of feel he’s so close to Jesus that this change won’t be that big a deal for him. I asked him how he felt about knowing the end was near. He said, “I’m afraid, but it isn’t unexpected. I’m almost 89 and it is a natural part of life”. I was kind of surprised he felt fear, but I guess that’s what we all experience in the face of change.

We were talking to my atheist son on the trip about what a person is. I contend that a person is something more than their brain and body. It is this thing we call the spirit. It is the thing that continues on when we die. I think the person that is Pappa is already partially gone. Death may not be an event that happens right at the moment your heart stops, or you brain waves flat line.

Have a shoot Thursday night which should be fun.

I missed last Sunday for my apologetics class. Had a buddy teach it. So he wouldn’t have to prepare, I gave him questions and had them break up into groups and deal with atheist statements. He said they were able to give the answers I had taught them, which is good. Except for the girls who just talked about shopping instead. Oh well, they are teenagers.

This Sunday will be my last class. It will be on the bible. What it is. Why we should trust it. How to study it. All in 40 minutes. Should be interesting. There is another class I would have taught, but we have a candidate for youth minister coming in and he’ll teach that Sunday.

So that’s me right now. I’ll try and post more.

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  1. Linoge says:

    It sounds like you have been having an interesting time… Welcome back, though I am sorry about your grandfather.

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