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Awhile back when the Mrs and I were driving with a friend to go shoot we were discussing gun selection and her getting a CHL. She commented that she planned to carry in her purse, so she didn’t need a holster. My response is something worthy of a blog post.

Where is the absolute best place for your gun to be when a gun fight comes upon you? In your hand. OK, well you can walk around carrying a gun in your hand all the time, so it will end up in a holster. So where is the best place for this holster to be? Right next to your hand.

Everything else is a compromise.

So my wife will probably mostly carry her weapon in her purse because women’s clothing doesn’t offer much chance to wear a concealable holster on her upper leg, or hip. But when she’s wearing a jacket and jeans, she should have a holster on her hip. Just like I would.

There are lots of different ways to wear and conceal a gun, but you should always remember you have to get it out and on target in 1.5 seconds. So where is the best place to have it? Everything else is a compromise.

I found that the normal way I wear my gun – on the hip, under an untucked, buttoned shirt – was not the fastest way. I tried to pass the draw from concealment test at Front Sight, where you have to get on target in 1.5 seconds, with my weapon under a sweater. I couldn’t do it. They train you how to draw from there, but it is simply about half a second slower than with an open front cover garment. But I still carry under a shirt because it is most convenient, but I know it is a compromise.

And you need to dry practice you draw from anywhere you conceal from on a regular basis. That will make you faster and help you avoid problems navigating the gun out from under clothes.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Check out “cornered cat” it is a website written by a woman and has some good tthoughts on concealment for a woman.

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