Apologetics Class


Want to see what has been taking up most of my free time lately? I’m teaching a apologetics class on Sunday morning to the high schoolers at my church. I’ve create a podcast of the class with its own website. So go here for the Kingwood Church of Christ Apologetics class. I just got the domain this morning, so it may not have propagated to you yet, but it has to my work.

If you don’t know what apologetics are, they are a reasoned defense of the Christian faith. This class is actually more than just that. The first three classes are on being a Christian thinker. Next weeks class is actually just a logic class. For more info on the class listen to the introduction.

So if you’ve ever wondered what I sound like. This is your chance to hear me.

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  1. Mathew says:

    This looks really interesting. I think I may dip in and out of this as you go along. Thanks for sharing it!

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