First Parenting Class Tonight

Tonight I’m co-teaching a parenting class at a local apartment complex. The small group I’m in at my church are doing this as a way to serve people who live in this apartment complex and form new relationships. We’re teaching the Love and Logic curriculum, which I haven’t even watched myself.

Frankly I’m suddenly very nervous. I pretty much believe at this point that no one is going to show up. My co-teacher is our church’s Children’s minister, and she and her husband live in this complex. She’s gone over the material, so I’ll let her do most of the work tonight.

If you are the praying type, now’s the time.

UPDATE: Well I was right, no one showed up. We talked with the complex manager for awhile to pick her brain and she said our flyer was intimidating. She also suggested we do something more relational. So now we are planning to have an outdoor BBQ/Carnival/Meal for residents with games for the kids to get people to show up. Then well be able to form more low key relationships. We’ll also probably do the parenting class again, but positioned as something we are doing and you can join us, rather than something we are teach you.