16 Boxes of 9 MM With Your Name On It

Just called the Pahrump Wal-Mart to confirm they have my ammo. 16 boxes of 100 rds. Whoot!

Working down my list of final things to get done before tomorrow. I’d actually planned on working tomorrow since we don’t leave till 9 PM, but I’ve got stuff to do and decided to take it off.

Went to the range last night with the Mrs’ Springfield XD and put around 300 rds through it. That is a lot of shooting. And a lot of magazine loading. It also taught me a few other things I need in the range bag.

Surgical Tape and Band-Aids My thumb was getting tender and seemed to have little flecks of metal ground into it from loading magazines. My index finger was also developing a blister from all that firing. Thought some tape could be wrapped around them. Band-aids need to be there in case of pinched in the slide injuries.

Pen and Paper Of course we’ll need this for note taking during training, but I wanted to log how much I’d shot and didn’t have anything to write on or with in the bag. Need to put a little note pad and a pen in there.

Marking Tape I used bullseye targets last night because I wanted multiple places to shoot on a single target. Noticed one of the people next to me had tape and could tape holes over to tell which holes were new and which old.

Cleaning and lubing supplies My friend from Talon Arms told me to make sure I keep the guns oiled. I hadn’t even thought to bring that stuff. He said a dirty gun that is oiled will still fire.

My range bag is pretty cool and there is a lot of stuff in it. I’ve been thinking I may actually try and carry it on and put the guns in their hard case in my regular bag. Just seems to strange to go through security with a bunch of gun accessories, like empty mags, holsters, and flashlights. None of that stuff is on the list, and I’d feel safer not checking that soft bag.

My shoulder also gave me pain last night after a couple of hundred rounds. Part of that is it must be out of alignment, so I’ll go see the chiropractor tomorrow about it. But it also looks like we’ll be sore, using muscles we aren’t used to.

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  1. Linoge says:

    I am not even going to bother explaining how envious I am of you… Suffice it to say, “Have fun!” And once you get used to it (and get a speedloader), 300 rounds at the range is nothing… I do that about every month, and they go by far too quickly.

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