Sport Utility Rife

Snowflakes in Hell wrote a post condemning inaccurate names for rifles, specifically Assualt Rifles. In it he said:

So what’s the best thing to call an AR-15? Homeland defense rifle? Self-defense rifle? Sport utility rifle?

I wrote the follow in comment:

I like Sport Utility Rifle. That’s kind of cool.

Its all marketing anyway. The gun haters started using Assault Rifle because it conveyed something people would be afraid of. What are you going to assault?

But Sport Utility Rifle. That’s something you get for fun or to compensate for organ size. We’d have every middle class person in America look for the Eddie Bauer edition AR-15.

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  1. ROFL…now there’s a Photoshop project! Walnut stock and handguard, tasteful matte stainless steel accents, a Bose noise-canceling suppressor, Italian leather sling…

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