A New Wii and the Dark Side of Working With Models


This weekend was super busy. Saturday started at the gun show buying magazines and holsters. Then all afternoon working the Glamour Workshop at my studio.

Sunday started early where I, feeling a little dirty, lined up outside the local Circuit City as it opened at 10 AM for a Nintendo Wii. I’d read online that Circuit City and Best Buy were going to have a stock of Wiis in Sunday. My son paid half the cost for his Christmas present, but we’d been unable to find one since Thanksgiving. So I skipped church and waited for Circuit City to open. I was #12 of 15 through the door. They passed out little vouchers as we crowded in. I felt dirty because this seemed too much trouble to go to to get a toy for my kid.

E, my eldest came home from church and I think has been playing Zelda ever since. 🙂

After that I ate a late breakfast and went back to the studio to shoot with two models. One was a new model I’d never shot with and the other was my friend Scarlett. The new model was supposed to be there at 1 so the MUA could do her makeup. At 1:15 I called her cell. Straight to voice mail. At 1:20 I called again because there was a home number in the voice mail message. I called that number and it was answered. I asked for Michelle and they asked who was calling. I told her and she said Michelle had been in a car accident the night before and was in the hospital. But she expected she’d get out that day.

Maybe I’ve gotten too cynical. This is only my second stand up/no show. But I don’t buy it. She just chickened out. Photographer s have a joke that being an amateur model is a very dangerous thing. Especially to your grandmothers. They have a tendency to die with you have a shoot.

But Scarlett showed up and I spent a few hour shooting with her. I’ll be posting later in the week after I’ve gotten a chance to work on them.