Honey Needs A Gun

So the Mrs and I are signed up for FrontSight at the end of the month. We will be spending 4 days in the Nevada desert learning how to shoot a semi-auto handgun.

I’m planning on taking my Walther P99 – unless I trade it for a P99 QA 40 before then. But the Mrs doesn’t have a gun. We could probably borrow her sisters Glock, but we figure she’s getting a CHL after we get back, so she needs a gun.

We went to Gander Mountain, a local outdoors store with a huge selection of guns, and she got to handle a lot of handguns. She had problems racking the slide on a lot of guns. But we found a few and she got a feel for what she likes. She likes all metal guns at least partially because she wants something she can hit someone with if needed. 🙂

The guy at the store was down on Glocks because they don’t have an external safety. My Walther doesn’t have an external safety and I like that. It’s one less thing you have to remember if you have to draw and use it. But training and practice would make disengaging the safety second nature.

Talked to a friend last night who is a former IPSC(sp?) shooter and firearms instructor and he suggested an HK. He didn’t like Glocks either because he doesn’t like the “half cocked” nature of the Glock and how you can’t decock it without pulling the trigger. He offered to point me to court cases where Glocks have gone off unexpectedly.

My wife wrote down 4 guns she liked, I don’t remember all of them. I know one was a Taurus and I think there was an HK. If we’d bought that night, we’d probably have gotten the Baby Eagle because she like it a lot. I know Linoge would recommend that.

UPDATE: She posted her list and research to her blog. Pistols
Now’s your turn to weight in. What handgun should my wife buy?

  • I’d like it to be a 9mm because that’s what I carry and we’d be able to share ammo.
  • She’s going to carry it on a regular basis.
  • It needs to be a semi-auto because FrontSight requires that.
  • I know a revolver is easier to carry and we might pick one long term, but first we’ll get a semi.


  1. Linoge says:

    As you are probably aware, no complaints with my BE. However, it is a hefty little thing. Carrying it might be difficult, though I confess I have never tried.

  2. Ron says:


    What kind of ammo do you use with your BE? According to my wife’s research it is picky.

  3. Linoge says:

    Mine seems quite happy with Winchester FMJ 9mm rounds… Do not recall the bullet weight or grains, but I can look that up when I get home tomorrow. And, by “quite happy”, I mean that is the only thing I have shot through it – ever – with only two-five jams in around… uhm… 2-4000 rounds.

    From what I understand, Winchester is a step above the bottom of the ammunition scale (Wolf being the lowest, so far as I know), so if the BE can use that, it can probably use anything, at least in my very limited opinion. Of course, with my narrow take on ammunition (only one brand – blame Walmart and its cheap prices), I am not sure how useful my statistics are.

    *blinks* Of course, now that I get that site you linked to to load, my data runs completely against his. I am quite serious in that it almost never jams… Could be due to my 10-round magazines, or the fact that I keep it meticulously clean… Also, I do not think I could scratch the finish if I tried. Scuff it, yes, but I have yet to see bare metal. Maybe different year models?

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