Cruise Day 6: At Sea

So we are at sea for the first of two days on the way back. Not much really happen today. We slept late, getting a panicked called from the sister-in-law at 10:30 waking us up. She couldn’t find her two year old daughter and thought we might have her. Someone found her wondering around and took her to the kids area, and they went looking for her parents. She doesn’t talk to strangers and she wouldn’t tell them her name.

This reminded me of Schneier’s discussion of bad things we teach our kids. One was that they shouldn’t talk to strangers. When a kid is lost or in trouble they are much better off finding an adult – any adult – and telling them they need help. This is because despite our perception about child molesters they are very few and most people are not bad actors. They will help a lost child.

After that I had signed up for a massage. It was the first time I’ve every had a full body massage. I think I could get used to it. 🙂 Especially if my masseur was always a cute young woman with a British accent. I even planned to come back and she could only schedule me for a 8 AM appointment tomorrow, which means I’m getting up early for it.

She told me I could strip down as far as I was comfortable. I decided it was an exercise in comfort and chose to get completely naked. It was no big deal, didn’t see my privates, so she wasn’t ruined for other men.

The cruise line comped us a dinner at the fanciest ship board restaurant, Le Bistro. It was a French restaurant. We traded getting free wine for having the rest of the family with us. But since one had left in Cozemel and there was a sick little girl in the other family, it ended up just the 4 of us. The boys haven’t eaten much on the trip, though there is food everywhere, because they are picky and vegetarian. At Le Bistro one tried a salad and one tried the mushroom soup. Neither liked them and ended up leaving after that course was over. I ate both my mushroom soup and E’s. It was the best thing I’d had on the cruise. The Orange Duck was pretty good too.

To close the day there was a Chocoholics Buffet at 11 PM. Wish we went too and I let my eyes over load my stomach.

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