Cruise Day 4: Cozumel

After a night at sea and a short stop in Playa Del Carmen – which we slept through – we arrived in Cozumel. In case you don’t know Cozumel is an island off the coast of Mexico. I was signed up to do Discover Scuba Diving, but it was canceled due to weather. When we arrived the wind was so strong we couldn’t bring the ship in to port. Instead they had to tender, which means a little boat comes out and takes people to the shore.

My wife was signed up to go horse back riding with my youngest so we left the boys on the boat and went horseback riding together. My boys have no interest in anything physical, so he was happy to not go horseback riding. This involved a 20 minute bus ride each way. My horses name was Cometa and the guy who giver her to me said she was a about to die. She was not a very fast horse. The horses were not in the best shape. At least I think they weren’t but I know nothing about horses. It was fun to ride around on horse back and see some more maya stuff. Then we went back to cantina and 100 ml Coronas. I’d never see a bottle that small. Say half the size of a regular beer bottle.

We also had real Mexican tacos, which has soft shells and fajita chicken, bell peppers and pico de gio. The pico was great and the rest was good. We also bought Mexican chips because there are no chips served on the boat. We got these lime corn chips that were very salty, but the Mrs didn’t like the lime taste.

On the bus ride back we saw the result of a fatal scooter wreck. We couldn’t tell if it was a tourist or a Mexican. Kind of sobering.

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