Cruise Day 1: Getting aboard

Well its the first day of the cruise and we spent a lot of time getting from my in-laws house the port of Houston to board. It was strange going down a little two lane road in a stretch limo, among hugh container ships to board our curise ship. Galveston has a cruise port, but our ship was leaving out of the port of Houston.

The boat is packed. It has a capacity of 1700 and there are 2000 passengers on board. 500 of them are children.

We’ve got fancy owner’s suite rooms so we got preferential treatment while boarding. We had to go through the same kind of security you do at the airport. Now supposedly you can’t have any sharp objects on board, and they search your regular luggage. But I put my pocket knife in my toiletry bag and it made it on board.

Ship drill

The first time I felt any motion wierdness – not really sickness but it could have been – was when we pulled away from the dock. It was more weird when you could see the shore. Because you really didn’t have a sense movement, but the world around you was moving. Like when the car next to you starts rolling backwards.

My wife was wearing the patch and it made her seriously out of it. Kind of drunk. We finally took it off her, and she seems to be doing fine. The boys seem fine to, though the eldest said he didn’t like the moving around.

We went around the ship. Signed the boys up so they can get on the internet as a gift from their grandparents. Made reservations at one of the restaurants for Christmas dinner – which is on Christmas Eve, since we are in port Christmas day.

The first night was really really rough. We went through a front/storm and I was amazed how much the boat went up and down. I mean it is huge, but the ocean is huger. Our room leaked and we woke up at 6 AM to find most of the cabin in water. In the morning they had a crew come in and suck up the water and I’m now writing this while listening to the blower they left drying the floors.

We now have a day at sea. I’m not really sure what we’ll be doing. I think I’m going to maybe play some poker in the casino. My youngest son is all in to the teen program and enjoying himself.

My wife is playing with her sister’s kids, and the eldest is watching Angel Season 2 on DVD. I also have a book I’m reading, Freehold, that is pretty good.

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