I Learned Something About How I Think


Do other people think about how they think? Well I do. And in the corse of doing the Goth Swimsuit Calendar I’ve learned something about how I think.

There are a lot of interesting concepts pictured in the calendar, and I discovered when we’d discuss what a shoot was to be I couldn’t do it until I understood the final product. Matter of fact I couldn’t do it until I understood how to get to the final product.

It almost seemed like I couldn’t do anything when there was a conceptual block. Sometimes I can say “What’s the next step? Can I do that?” and I’d be able to take the next step. But often I just did nothing.

I’ve discovered recently that this is true for all things in my life. If I can’t concieve or believe something will happen or can happen I can’t do it. If I don’t see a way to finish a project, I can’t start it. If I do, I’ll work for a little while and decide to quit. Only when I’ve got the final idea in mind can I succeed.

You’d think after 40 years of living with myself I’d have discovered this before. I’d know what caused my “procrastination”. We’ll now I do.

Does that mean I can do all the stuff I couldn’t do before?

Nope. Just means I understand why I’m not doing it. And I know what to work toward. I know to put my effort into seeing the finish.