Victoria Violet


I can never tell what will make my wife jealous. I am very blessed to have a wife who doesn’t care that I take pictures of pretty girls, often dressed in very little. We talk about stuff I figure other couples would be shocked about. But then she’d get jealous at the strangest stuff.

I’ve been trying to think of a name for my new computer. I’ve had it for weeks and it is still named “Ron Davis’ Computer”. How lame is that?

I tend to name my machines after women. My car is named Shelia. I wanted a similar name for my computer. I also knew it was going to have a Goth feel to it because I’m immersed in hot goth chicks right now.

On our trip this weekend I was listening to a podcast and came up with the name Violet. The podcast was open source sex hosted by Violet Blue. I turned to the Mrs and said “How about Violet for my computer’s name?”

And she gave me the look.

Apparently she didn’t like Violet. “Are you listening to Violet Blue?”

I wasn’t afraid to tell her. She’d listened to Violet’s podcast before and liked it. So I said “Yes”.

“You can’t name your computer after her.”

We ended up discussing it over a couple of days. Where I contended it wasn’t really named after Violet Blue, but rather inspired by her. When I think of Violet, I think of a little girl in a field of flowers. Dressed in black, with pale skin and blond hair. Not much like VB.

But to her it would be “another women contending for my attention”. I think she meant she was more jealous of time spent on the computer than Violet Blue.

I had put forth the name Victoria, but also rejected it because I felt it too hard to type.

Tonight I reconsidered and she approved because she doesn’t know any Victorias. I told her I was naming it after Joel Olsteen’s wife, just to make it a real person.

Then I said she’d have a secret middle name. Which of course was guessed to be Violet. But she approved of it this time.

And it feels very goth. Would make a great goth model name.

[This message typed on Victoria Violet]

(This is also probably the only place on the internet where Violet Blue and Joel Olsteen are both linked to from the same post.)


  1. scarlett says:

    very goth. good job. now she just needs a royal title. Like Countess Victoria Violet, or something. haha. then she needs a title like you have (Ronaldo, Stealer of the Souls)…such as “Countess Victoria Violet, keeper of the files” haha. ok, i’ll stop.

    I considered Victoria for a modeling name.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I like it. And you’re probably quite right about this being the only place those two will be linked.

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