Don’t Get Your Customer’s Hopes Up


If you aren’t going to deliver.

FedEx made me very happy yesterday. My new computer is in Houston, about 2 miles from where I’m sitting at work. But it isn’t due for delivery until tomorrow.

Called them last night and asked if I could just pick it up today. The guy said to call back that they sometimes deliver it early and I needed to check on that today. But if they weren’t planning on it, I could come pick it up today.

Wooo whooo!

So I’m making a place for it in my office last night, staying up late because I know I’m going have my new computer today.

But when I call this morning I’m told its in a container and I can’t pick it up till they’ve tried to deliver it once. Which won’t happen until tomorrow.

Now life sucks. 🙁

Don’t get people’s hopes up if you aren’t going to deliver. I was singing the praises of FedEx last night for their flexibility. Now I’m blogging how they suck.