700 Miles for 1 Photo


I’m going to Austin tonight. We’ll leave after work, coming back tomorrow night. While in Austin we are getting copies of the boys birth certificates. This is the reason for the trip. But we are also going for me to take a pictures.

I took this image at the studio last weekend. We had a bunch of mannequins for a calendar shoot and this one kind of matched the concrete so I shot it while waiting for the model to get body painted.

I Was Sinking Deep In Sin

On the way home we came up with the title. My church is having an Arts and Crafts contest. (Why is it when you put the word crafts after art you are talking cheesy art?). This is the first image that had a specific art feel to me.

Alas it is too risque for the church so it won’t be in the contest.

But the Mrs mentioned she always wanted to take a picture of a church of Christ in Austin that is surrounded by barbed wire, because it says so much that shouldn’t be said. So I’m going with them to Austin just to take that picture.


  1. hsoi says:

    Ron, that’s an awesome picture.

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