My Kids are Brilliant


Just in case you didn’t know. I have two boys age 13 and 14.

The 13 year old wrote this description of his relationship to Jesus in a few minutes. No matter what you think of Jesus, you have to be impressed that a 13 year old has such command of words and metaphor.

My 14 year old starts college tomorrow. He isn’t going full time, but he is taking his first college class at the local community college. The class is Trigonometry and he doesn’t have to take it. He tested so well they said he could take calculus even though he’s never had Trig or pre-calculus. But we talked to some math teachers and our friend who just finished her Master’s in Math and they said go ahead and have him take the classes. Plus we’re having him take it in the summer, which means he only has to take one class, even if it is a compressed class.

Just a little father bragging.