I spent the last 4 days on the road to Lubbock Texas and back. For those non-Texans reading this, Lubbock is at the bottom of the panhandle of Texas and Houston is in the bottom right hand corner. So the drive is about 11 hours if you go straight through. We got the in-law’s RV and drove part of the way each of the 4 days we were gone.

The wedding was for a friend’s daughter. She just finished her Masters at Texas Tech and her husband just finished his PhD. Both in Math. The Mrs job in the wedding was to help however she could. She had pick up jobs where you realize you didn’t have someone for a thing that needs to be done. The big job on wedding day was helping the bride go to the bathroom in her wedding dress. 🙂

My role was mostly just to help when the Mrs got to tired. I also shot the wedding rehearsal. It was actually fun and is making me consider shooting weddings in the future. It wasn’t as hard as I expected and watching the other guy work, didn’t seem that difficult on the actual day. I actually would have shot more than he did.

When you reach my stage in life you don’t go to many weddings. You’re friends aren’t getting married anymore, and those that do normally go for something small. But we have two friends that happen to be getting married two weekends in a row, so I’ll be going to another one this weekend.

I had a lot of time to think while traveling and one thing I thought about was having depth. This world doesn’t need more smart people, it needs more deep people. I’ll probably write a post about what is deep, but I want to mention that weddings are one of the events in our lives that are deep. They are life changing. They represent things that are important. They put things in perspective.